Welcome to CowichanValley.org and our first blog post through the member dashboard. Our members are our news writers, and anyone who is a member can make a blog post here from their profile. This includes seasoned journalists, writers, researchers, advocates, and more. This is a place to write the new story; both the news stories, and the other aspects of story that we need in the world right now. Everyone who is a member on here is saying they agree with the core values and intent of this group: To create a sustainable future here and in the world by advocating for achievable, important aspects of change. This is an open, consensus-driven document that we invite anyone to get involved with creating and proposing changes to then circulate back through the membership. If you would like to help evolve and grow our vision and advocacy mission statement, please contact info@cowichanvalley.org!

The idea here is to bridge community, and use the internet to create connection in real life, on the land. We are honoured to be here on Cowichan Tribes territory, and to work together towards unity and reconciliation.

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  1. Matthew Kinnunen
    Matthew Kinnunen says:

    Glad to meet upon the digital plane somewhere else than the usual… What a strange relief, and much gratitude for nurturing this space into being on this newest niche in the ether world web. May our ecosystem flourish for one and all!


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